Friday, March 23, 2012 Valentines Music Hall Albany NY   9pm

The Last Conspirators 5th Anniversary Show 

w/ special guests the Knyghts of Fuzz 

(who will be doing a special Morons tribute with former Moron TL Stone)


 Saturday May 5, 2012 Michael’s Banquet House Cohoes  NY   6pm 

The Last Conspirators at the JB Scotts Reunion PartyThe Last Cons plus;Blotto. Fear of Strangers, Ernie Williams, Penny Knight Band, and the Lazers,  pay tribute to the  legendary Albany showcase club!


 30 years ago on the weekend of March 23rd Capital Region punks the Morons played their last shows at the now defunct Chateau Lounge on he corner of Hudson Ave & South Pearl street, and 5 years ago on that same date the Last Conspirators played their very first show and we are ready to announce our plans for our 5th anniversary. On Friday, March 23rd at Albany's only current original rock club, Valentines Music Hall, we will be doing  our 5th Anniversary Show.


We will be playing an expanded showcase set including many never heard before songs from our upcoming album, old songs that we have not played in almost 5 years, and many numbers from our first two albums. In addition Albany garage kings the Knyghts of Fuzz will be opening the show with a set of their own that will also feature a short tribute to the Morons with special guests from the original Morons, vocalist TL Stone and 'Max The Sax' Media joining them. We would also like to invite any and all original members of that band to join us at this special tribute. 


Also, we would like to announce a very special show. The Last Cons have been invited to perform a set as part of the JB Scotts Reunion Party on Saturday, May 5th. at the the Michael’s Banquet House.  As you may know with the Morons I performed many times at this legendary showcase club opening for bands: the Cramps, the Motels, the Stranglers, Gary Myrick & the Figures, STV, Blotto and many local music showcases. We are very proud to be a part of this event. Tickets are $33 each and include food and entertainment  and available in advance by mail order  by sending a check or MO to Douglas Jacobs @ JB Scotts PO BOX 3180 Saratoga Springs NY 12866 , or we have a limited amount of tickets that can be purchased directly through us.  More information on tickets and this event can be found on the JB Scotts Facebook page.  This will be a once in a lifetime event and one hell of a party not to be missed!


As we mentioned earlier 2012 will also bring a new album from the Last Conspirators, our third. It will be tentatively be titled:  A Celebration of Fury. We are working on it now and hope to release it this summer in  time for the national political conventions, or at least before the general elections in the fall. A single, still be determined, will proceed the release of the full length album


I would to take a moment now to introduce and welcome our new bass player to the band. Many of you saw Nick Bisanz when he joined us on the Shonen Knife show and Terry, Al and I are thrilled to now be playing full-time with Nick. We would also like to thank our friend Jeff Sohn for his four plus years with the band and wish him the best of luck with all of his future musical ventures..


Needless to say we are very excited about these shows, the new material, the future of the band and to what's ahead for us in 2012 and beyond, as we begin to write yet another chapter in Albany rock & roll history.

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A powerful rock & roll band whose sound fuses old-school punk, roots rock, and heartland rock, with fierce, often politically charged lyrics on top. The Last Conspirators are fronted by singer and songwriter Tim Livingston a pioneering figure on the punk scene in New York State’s Hudson Valley... true believers, keeping the rock & roll flame burning even if it may no longer be fashionable to do so.. coming across like an Americanized version of the Clash… the Last Conspirators.. waging war against complacency and cherishing the rebels and outsiders on the fringes of American culture. .. raging against the light, whether it's dying or burning bright.”

— All Music Guide