"Tracks" Lyric Video 

From the album "Hold That Thought Forever" a new Lyric Video for the song "Tracks"

"A Celebration Of Fury" Released 7 Years Ago  

Released 7 years ago today our 3rd album. ”A Celebration of Fury” described by The Big Takeover Magazine as “... a ’60s garage, pub rock, and Joe Strummer-fueled tempest, recorded in what sounds like “press-record-’n-go” full-bleed live context..” it was a turning point in many ways for the band ending one era and starting another that led to the next album..  

Relaunched Last Conspirators Website 

Just relaunched the Last Conspirators website 
With all new design for 2020 paving the way for some upcoming news including an archival release’ to wrap up the last decade and soon-to-be-announced new projects to forge us into the future.. . Check out the new look, stream and listen to all four of our studio albums on our music page, , find complete information on the band and associated projects and get ready for upcoming new maneuvers! 

Addiction #7 on WEXT Year End Chart 

Exit 97.7 WEXT just counted down the Top 60 Locsl 518 songs of 2016 and the Last Conspirators "Addiction"  charted in the top ten at #7!!! Thanks  to Chris Wienk. Dave Michaels, Andy Gregory and the whole staff for their support!!! Cheers!

Daily Gazette Names "Hold That Thought Forever" Top Ten 2016 

Big thanks to Kirsten Ferguson of the Daily Gazette for including us in her list of Top Ten local albums of 2016! — "Hold that Thought Forever” Last Conspirators. "The fourth album by the local punk rockers marks a slight departure from their usual politically charged fare, instead exploring love and passionate desire but losing none of the bristling energy and dark vibes."

Free Download of "Last Ones Standing" Acoustic Version 

FREE SONG DOWNLOAD! In conjunction with our acoustic performance at F.y.e. Johnstown, NY  we are offering a free download of Tim and Nick of the Last Conspirators doing a live acoustic version of the song "Last Ones Standing" recorded during a recent Exit 97.7 WEXT Radio Session! You can download, or stream the song HERE!

A powerful rock & roll band whose sound fuses old-school punk, roots rock, and heartland rock, with fierce, often politically charged lyrics on top. The Last Conspirators are fronted by singer and songwriter Tim Livingston a pioneering figure on the punk scene in New York State’s Hudson Valley... true believers, keeping the rock & roll flame burning even if it may no longer be fashionable to do so.. coming across like an Americanized version of the Clash… the Last Conspirators.. waging war against complacency and cherishing the rebels and outsiders on the fringes of American culture. .. raging against the light, whether it's dying or burning bright.”

— All Music Guide