A Celebration of Fury Reviewed in MAXIMUMROCKNROLL Magazine!

Cool review of the Last Conspirators new album, "A Celebration of Fury"  in Maximum RockNRoll Magazine's March issue! "Seven-track effort of revolutionary  rock n roll… suitable stirring. "No Time for Egos", "Radio Warfare", "Last Ones Standing" the title track etc.. Musically, they're in that Blasters, later period X rock & roll vein and the slower efforts pay more than a nod to 'Elvis'. 'Tis growing on me, for sure."  Out of San Francisco, MRR is one of the longest running 'zines in the country, and considered a leading authority of punk rock, garage, hardcore and punk culture. Honored, thanks!


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A powerful rock & roll band whose sound fuses old-school punk, roots rock, and heartland rock, with fierce, often politically charged lyrics on top. The Last Conspirators are fronted by singer and songwriter Tim Livingston a pioneering figure on the punk scene in New York State’s Hudson Valley... true believers, keeping the rock & roll flame burning even if it may no longer be fashionable to do so.. coming across like an Americanized version of the Clash… the Last Conspirators.. waging war against complacency and cherishing the rebels and outsiders on the fringes of American culture. .. raging against the light, whether it's dying or burning bright.”

— All Music Guide