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by The Last Conspirators

Released 2007
Driving Rain Music
Released 2007
Driving Rain Music
WARPARTY an album by former Morons/Ghostrunner frontman and songwriter Tim Livingston and his band THE LAST CONSPIRATORS. Ten cutting, socially-charged blasts, served up as a potent Molotov-cocktail of garagey-punk and soulful, electric-folk.
ALL MUSIC GUIDE calls the Last Conspirators "a powerful rock & roll band whose sound fuses old-school punk, roots rock, and heartland rock, with fierce, often politically charged lyrics on top. The Last Conspirators are fronted by singer and songwriter Tim Livingston a pioneering figure on the punk scene in New York State's Hudson Valley."

WARPARTY, a set of old-school rock & roll protest songs, was called by the TIMES UNION “ The most
potent politically charged disc of the year, walking the tightrope between punk passion and polished professionalism.” THE BIG TAKEOVER MAGAZINE said: “I hear Love, ‘60s blues rock balladry, ballsy post-punk mashers like 80s Australians, and dexterous guitars that prove ballast for Livingston’s burning convictions like “American Son” and our in-foreclosure U.S. of “Innocent”. HARP MAGAZINE called it: “incisive and poetic... overall an engaging album “, while CHRONOGRAM said: “...a quartet that brings a welcome, Information Age crunch to the tough, melodic sounds of late ’70s/early ’80s Brit-punk; think The Clash, The Jam, maybe The Ruts or the UK Subs, but with slightly glossier production values and lyrics that take shots at the soul-sucking, high-tech Noughties.” GARAGE & BEAT MAGAZINE concurs, “60s psychedelia and '70s punk rage permeate this eclectic mix of angst rattled modern rock.”

The band’s live shows are always fierce, emotional, high-energy affairs and so far they have showcased at such venues as; the Mercury Lounge in NYC, Maxwells in NJ, and various Upstate New York clubs & festivals. They have shared the stage with the The Blasters, New Model Army, Hamell On Trial, Echoes & Shadows, the Murder Junkies and Casey Neil. WARPARTY has been played on radio stations; WFMU, WEQX, WVCR, WVKR, WRPI, WEXT, 104.9 The Edge, and the band has been featured on WAMC’s Performance Place, CRUMBS Radio and Kaleidoscope.